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State of the art technology, globally competitive virtual education and a coherent modern classroom teaching experience makes the institution a sought after place to study, instilling in its brand the confidence of parents and teachers alike. With a one point access for the management to track the progress, the product and the school bind the good face value to a trusted and verifiable system

Suman - Program Director

What we offer

We realize no two schools are identical and we take it as our prerogative to offer solutions that are custom tailored to each learning environment. Keeping that in mind, we have created three solution variants for ensuring flexibility and providing a perfect match for each scenario

  • Content Only - For classed KG to X
  • Digibox - MiniPC for Classes of VI to X
  • Digiplay - Touch based PC for Classes of KG to II
  • Self Study - Beyondmyclass and Mobile Apps


MiniPC for Classes VI to X


A teacher technology tool with curriculum-aligned content covering the subjects of Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology & Social Studies. The Digibox is a smart device serving the digital classroom platform. The device can be plugged into a TV or Projector in the classroom. The Digibox is equipped with a learning application for the classroom that contains digital content for classed VI to X standards and is completely aligned with curriculum

Digibox includes live videos, 2D/3D animations, illustrations from real life, lab demos to simplify textbook concepts, a CCE question bank and project ideas which can be used by the teacher both within the classroom and during lesson planning

Content Only

Best solution for schools that has the digital classroom infrastructure.

We provide the curriculum-aligned content for classes ranging from K- 10. The software and modules will be loaded in the hard drive which you can run on any windows based machine. The license of the content enables the school to access the modules depending on the subscription you opt


Touch based PC for Classes of K –II


DigiPlay is a preloaded content with interactive apps for kids of Classes K – II covering the subjects English, Mathematics, Science & Social Science. At the core of DigiPlay are over 300 hours of animated video lessons and 2000+ touch-based activities.

The DigiPlay can be plugged into a TV or Projector in the classroom. Personalized learning is delivered to each child at their personal suited pace inside a simple, interesting and engaging classroom. Using DigiPlay they learn at their own pace using an engaging and carefully structured set of apps. It costs a little for a child to gain the core skills of numeracy, analytical thinking, general knowledge, literacy and English through DigiPlay

Self Study Solution

DIGICLASS infrastructure helps schools and students to stand globally competent and increase the brand equity with the help of state of the art technology and infrastructure

Designed specially for students and can be used directly by them to study in the comfort of their home. This solution helps students to understand difficult educational concepts using animated content and helps them brush their concepts using assessment modules


Transforms students from being a passive receptor to an active collaborator in the learning process. It allows students to learn and proceed at their own speed by providing them immediate feedback and adapting to their individual learning curve. Students of VI to X can subscribe for the subjects of Mathematics, Science & Social, such that they will be taken through a structured learning ride (pre test, course content, course assessments, post test) to assure the students expertise of the concept.

Apps for K-2

Android applications for Smartphones and Tablets for classes K-2. These apps to help your child reach their full potential in Maths, English and EVS. Our carefully structured apps are packed with colorful and engaging activities. Designed to teach and help practice the core concepts taught during the early years of school. Adapted according to our Indian culture, our apps are already a hit with children and parents all over the India.

Within three years of its launch, DigiClass has become a trendsetter in the school/institution community. 1000+ schools have subscribed for DigiClass and are happy with us.

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