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Those who we hope will make history need a little extra effort from us, hence we modernize teaching with video classes, ensuring attention, questioning the typical, empowering the intellect and educating a generation, an investment in the future.

About Us

The brainchild of an attempt at innovational learning, Digiclass bridges the gap between the investment and returns on classroom education. Classroom teaching plays a vital role in the educational caliber of a student and hence, needs extra attention and improvisation every now and then. Digiclass brings the option of a digital education by providing an interactive medium for students to learn while maintaining the coherence of the knowledge to be received.

Video lessons designed for the students from Kindergarten to grade X, blend not only with the learning attitude of students but also the conventional textbook teaching. Made in accordance with the NCERT syllabi module, they incorporate animated motion video lessons to help the students understand and visualize the concepts. The video lessons are not aimed at replacing the conventional teaching methods but only at contributing to them.

DigiClass is what we need to take the education of the youth to the next level, saving time and providing a better platform for education, introducing them to the possibilities of technology at the earliest stage. DigiClass lessons also include assignments, before exam preparation modules apart from the video lessons to help the students as well as the teachers. Digiclass is opening the doors to the future of classroom education and we welcome you to join us on this journey.

Digiclass is a product of Sunitha Infovision and was launched in 2002 when the digital learning was at a nascent stage. Since then we were working with educational institutions and partnered with more than 2000 schools, providing them with best content in various forms. We provide digital content for Intermediate Physics, Chemistry, Spoken English, English Grammar, IIT foundation, and AP State board curriculum in the form of video modules.

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