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Moving ahead to connect more and more schools and institutions to the Digiclass concept, Sunitha Infovision Ltd is inviting area distributors across AP & TS. The area distributor would be selling the Digiclass Products to schools and institutions in their area, besides cyber cafés, tuition centers, bookstores, etc.

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Traditional education in India was majorly the traditional board teaching followed by a strenuous lecture. However, the shift towards the digital technology has made today’s classroom learning more interactive and interesting, not only for the students but also for the teachers. Nowadays, schools are adopting Digiclass technologies to deliver quality education to the children.

The adoption of digital technology in education has helped enhance the student’s performance by presenting concepts through attractive audio-visual media, animations and live experiments. Further, the introduction of Digiclass in the education system has raised the standard both in terms of teaching and in the students examination performance.

Presently, Digital learning industry is growing at 20% and is expected to reach USD 40 billion by 2017.

Digiclass, a venture of Sunitha Infovision Ltd, is a new-age interactive digital learning tool invented to equip the students with tools to learn & understand faster and score better in examinations also ensuring a better understanding and retention of the concept. Digiclass courses are available from class KG to Xth.

Instructor Led Solution

We realize no two schools are identical and we take it as our prerogative to offer solutions that are custom tailored to each learning environment. Keeping that in mind, we have created three solution variants for ensuring flexibility and providing a perfect match for each scenario.

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Unparalleled Advantages of Digiclass

Easy to Use : Interactive features make learning quick and enjoyable. Cognitive Learning : Recognizes the link between ‘what is known’ & ‘what is to be learned’ Convenience : Learn anytime, anywhere and an n number of times Affordable : Costs a fraction of the amount spent on private tuition.

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Self Study Solutions

This is designed especially for students and can be used directly by them to study in the comfort of their home. This solution helps students to understand difficult educational concepts using animated content and helps them brush their concepts using assessment modules.

Beyond My Class learning platform transforms students from being a passive receptor to an active collaborator in the learning process. It allows students to learn and proceed at their own speed by providing them immediate feedback and adapting to their individual learning curve. It results in pacing an entire course based on skillful expertise of concepts of a particular student resulting in a 1:1 classroom for the student. Students of VI to X can subscribe for the subjects of Mathematics, Science & Social, such that they will be taken through a structured learning ride (pre test, course content, course assessments, post test) to assure the students expertise of the concept. For every student there will be maintained an educational history (strong in memory, logical thinking etc) similar to a medical history.

Apps for K-2

Apps to help your child reach their full potential in Maths, English and EVS. Our carefully structured apps are packed with colorful and engaging activities. Designed to teach and help practice the core concepts taught during the early years of school. Adapted according to our Indian culture, our apps are already a hit with children and parents all over the country.

Become a partner

Moving ahead to connect more and more schools and institutions to the Digiclass concept, Sunitha Infovision Ltd is inviting area distributors across AP & TS. The area distributor would be selling the Digiclass Products to schools and institutions in their area, besides cyber cafés, tuition centers, bookstores, etc.

Preferred Distributor Profile
  • Books or stationery distributors
  • Educational products wholesalers
  • Coaching centres/Publication houses
  • Sound financial background and risk taking ability
  • Infrastructure including network, manpower, IT system and warehouse
  • Good relationship with existing retailer and market knowledge of their area

  • Distributor Roles & Responsibilities
  • Providing high quality retail distribution
  • Active participation in company promotions
  • Promoting the product to institutes, modern retail and widespread retail stores
  • Help building preference for brand in retail
  • Physical market coverage to ensure uniform quality coverage

  • Comprehensive Company Support

    Training: The Company will provide complete sales and product training to the distributor, including guidance on how to introduce and sell the product to the clients.
    Demo Material: The Company will provide product brochures and Demo content for marketing and presenting the concept to the client.
    Management: The Company will continuously monitor and manage the distributor operations to ensure that the best business practices get implemented at their end.
    Supplies: The Company will be responsible for the supply of Digiclass products to the distributor on time.
    Marketing: The Company will provide national marketing support thus trigging sales and bringing more business to the distributor.
    Events: The Company will provide assistance in organizing local promotional activities and events. It will also support the institutional and retail distributors in framing the local marketing strategies.


    Digiclass is available in multiple packages( monthly, quarterly, Half yearly and annually) . The consumer products ( and apps) have validity of 1 year from the time they are activated at the customer’s end.
    No, you do not require any technical knowledge to run the products. The products are so designed that even a person with basic computer skills can run them.
    Single license of the product can work on only ONE computer or tablet. The key after activation gets locked to the system and hence cannot be used on any other system.
    Yes, our products are designed both for Windows and Android.
    Since this business is a repeat business, we expect distributors to maintain a cordial relationship with the customers. Schools, Tuition centers and Students using the product will renew. Most of the queries of the customers can be addressed over the phone itself. However as a distributor you may sometimes be required to visit customer for addressing some concerns.
    The company will help in your proper training. It will assign a support manager and business manager for you.
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