Why Digiclass

As technologies change and the world adapts, the education system for them should too and the results have only been inspiring and positive using new system that we create. Apart from the obvious innovation and technological advancement digiclass brings to the concept of education, there are numerous more far reaching and quantifiable reasons as to how digiclass is a much needed addition to your teaching curriculum and why you need to get it as soon as possible

8000+ Video Modules

Apart from being interactive, the digiclass module use 2D images and 3D animation modules to simplify complex concepts and problems, ensuring easy understanding and retention of the concepts. Along with the quick feedback on the CCE formative tests and the exclusively designed curriculum specific to each class, Digiclass is worth every penny and is surprisingly easy on the pocket too

In Sync With The Board

Digiclass content is developed in accordance with the AP, TS and CBSE boards, covering classes 6th to 10th with interactive modules for classes 1st to 5th and special IIT modules for classes 8th to 10th, all crafted and designed after thorough analysis, study and research of the syllabus and course guidelines of the boards. Digiclass contributes to the education, mirroring classroom teaching in extremes without disturbing the essence of the material to be taught

Expert teachers

Digiclass has expert teachers who convert the complex concepts to surprisingly easy to use and usderstand. They divide the modules into chapters and lessons as per the learning goals which gives user friendly access to the modules. They also include tests and one point access to management to trace the overall progress.

Interactive In Nature

Digiclass provides not just an unconventional mode of education, it also provides an unconventional manner of education as well. Providing multimedia modules, animated videos and interactive concept clearers, it facilitates learning by using the visual sense of the children, ensuring an optimum result when it comes to understanding and retaining information

Digiclass Solutions

Catering to the problems of all schools at every level. Digiclass has created three solution variants to ensure flexibility and perfect match for each scenario.

Content Only Solution

Content Only

Best option for schools which has digital classroom infrastructure. We provide encrypted Digiclass Software with academic content, which can be streamed to projector...

Digibox Solution

Digibox - Classes VI to X

The Digi-Box is essentially a smart device serving the digital classroom platform that can be plugged into a TV or Projector in the classroom. We provide all the infrastructure...

Digiplay Solution

Digiplay - Classes KG to II

Preloaded content with interactive apps for kids for Classes KG-II. Digiplay has more than 300 hours of animated video lessons and more than 2000 touch-based activities...


Digiclass is the right solution for today's education system which prepare the students for the future challanges


Board Aligned Syllabus

DigiClass brings to you the exclusively designed multimedia modules and thoroughly crafted assignments and tests based on the CCE grading system for Math, Science and Social Science, along the guidelines and course details of the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

  • Duration: 400 hours
  • Video files


Advantages for Schools

We offer research-based curriculum methodology which provides best results. Our video content is integrated from textbooks with detailed explanations along with touch-based activities.

  • Improved Teachers
  • Admissions
  • Happy Parents


Advantages to Students

DigiClass curriculum enables students to experience, observe, and practice concepts better. Hence, they understand the fundamentals and retain the concepts lifelong. Research shows up to 60% improvement in a student’s performance.

  • Concept Clarity
  • Fluency in English
  • Positivity


What’s in for Teachers?

With the use of animated lessons and touch-based activities help teachers explain the concepts in highly detailed manner. Highly researched and structured content ensures teachers to follow the best possible method while teaching.

  • Saves Time
  • Individual Attention
  • Easy Revision

Our team

our team

Our team is dedicated to provide the best service to the schools. Our expert team involve in modules development process, bringing years of experience to deliver best.

CCE Based Assessments

cce based assesment

Our solutions act as tools to teachers and provide best assesment of the students. This give immense power to teachers and can dedicate more time on teaching and improving students skills.

Self Study Solution

self study solution

Designed especially for students and can be used directly by them to study in the comfort of their home. Beyondmyclass.com for classes for VI to X. Apps for K-2 which can be used on Android phone and Tablets

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